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    Faster Bastards

    The garments are produced exclusively for you! Your order will ship 4 weeks after the store closes.
    Faster Bastards

    Athlos welcomes you to your Faster Bastards online store. This store has been developed to simplify the ordering process for you and provide exclusive pricing. To get started, just select the appropriate sizes and quantities for the items below.  

    Your gear will ship 4 weeks after the close of the store, with 3-5 days in transit from our East Coast warehouse. Your store is currently scheduled to close and go to production 11-28. 

    Please note, all products are shipped with signature guarantee for the safety of your delivery.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our customer service staff at 888-994-9974. You can also email us at info@athlosports.com or jaime@athlosports.com

    Faster Bastards Collection Notes:

    The Faster Bastards collection contains a wide assortment of products to outfit and protect you from the elements. Listed at the bottom is a link to the Athlos size chart. 

    Split Zero:

    Split Zero is race cut; aero and form fitting. Split Zero delivers the ultimate in performance without compromise. Race day ready, aero, streamlined and conforming to the body; technology without compromise.

    • Competitive/Pro Fit
    • Super light jersey comprised with state of the art materials Vellum and Airskin fabric
    • Vellum's smooth and slick front and side panels with Xtreme cool technology yield the maximum wicking and temperature control
    • The Airskin back and anatomical seams provide maximum cooling in the hottest of environments.
    • Athlos biomorphic short design produces fluid movement, while enhancing comfort and performance
    • HP Compressor side wraps provide compression to support muscles while speeding recovery
    • Aera Ultra Boost chamois, super light, quick drying and highly breathable for seamless movement and support
    • A-Vent Mesh light bib straps provide excellent moisture transfer, odor resistance, and dry fast

    Shells and Wind Vest:

    The Athlos wind shell and vest are unisex garments in a club fit. A sizing guide the vest and shell is listed with each product

    For easy reference see the Athlos size guide